What is the truth or dare Game ?

The players participating in the Truth or Dare game should sit in a round shape adjacent to each other. An item, usually a bottle is required to play this game. The game is started by spinning the bottle in the centre of the circle formed by the players.
Once the bottle stops spinning, the players are excited to see where the opening of the bottle is and to which of their friends it is pointing to. The person to whom it points would be the first to commence the Truth or Dare game. That player will decide whether to answer any question truthfully which is the Truth else to perform any task or actions which forms the Dare part of the Truth or Dare game.

If the player in question decides to go with Truth, the remaining players will discuss among themselves and ask a question to the player. The question selected is usually a tricky or funny and sometimes it would be a bit difficult too. Simple examples could be “Whether you consumed alcohol during your college days?” or “Did you have a crush on your professors in college”. The player should answer to this question with only a “YES” or “NO”. Once the answer is given the game continues and the bottle is spun again.

The game continues in a similar fashion. If a player chooses to select Dare option, the other players discuss and decide and ask to perform some kind of task. Example tasks can be, “Drink a pint of beer in one go” or if the guy boasts himself of a gym freak, he can be asked “to perform a certain number of push ups in a minute or so”. The player in question should oblige.

In this manner Truth or Dare game continues. There is no specific time limit for this game. Usually it is played until each participant has answered at least one question and performed one dare. To make the game more exciting, if a player is selected for the second time he or she cannot perform the same action again. For instance first time the player selected Truth then the next time Dare should be selected.

As each coin has two faces, Truth or Dare game also has its share of advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages being it is a fun game to enjoy. If all the players are sportive in nature and ready to answer few questions, do some tasks it is a very good game to enjoy.

But at the same time, if the questions asked are too personal or vulgar the player can be annoyed. Sometimes the dare tasks can also be vulgar or the player may be offended.

This is all you want to know about Truth or Dare game. It is a fun filled, exciting game to play with friends and can be a good entertainer.

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