What is it so important to play with your cat?

That we play with the cat, we are supposed to provide him with the hunting instinct, so I made a new video, showing how to play right with cats in a fishing game, which is basically a hunt for prey and hunting.

Remember this phrase, because it makes the difference between a boring game and a game that the cat will really be happy to cooperate with. Why? In the end we grow in a hunting house. This hunt has come to the world to chase and hunt, but since there is nothing to hunt at home, he will be happy for a game that will allow him to chase and catch something. It will make him happy. If you need a perfect game- than this mouse game is what we recommend!

It is very important to take care of some important things while playing with your cat.

Playing with a cat – a few points to make the difference

  1. Pleasure – Need to find a fishing rod that the cat likes and enjoys playing with. There are a lot of options and it is important to try and change from time to time
  2. Let the cat smell and be interested – at the beginning of the game, let him smell, get a second or two to the game and interested him
  3. Exciting sounds – excite the cat, cooperate with him and make him want to get up from the couch. The more energy you release, the more relaxed and happy it will be.
  4. Walk around the room – your movement is very important in the room, meaning that you will make the cat chase the game around the room, preferably around the entire house to run, chase and hunt for activity.
  5. Use heights too – let him jump and climb to hunt the fishing rod. (Read more about cat climbing places)
  6. Hunting – occasionally during the game, let him catch the fishing rod, let him think that he is a party and then after 2.3 seconds, when the cat releases the hold on the second will pull and continue to run it at home.
  7. Snack – Give him a snack at the end of the game for a positive boost on the cooperation and also as a feeling that he is really a party to something.