What can you do to increase your height?

Height is a problem, or a solution, that everyone faces every day. Most of the complaints I hear are from people that are trying to grow taller. Whether it be to reach the top of the refrigerator, or wanting to be more competitive on the basketball court. Height is something most people could use more of. So let’s find out how to get more!
Stretching:Growing up my mother always told me that if I wanted to grow big and strong I should not only drink milk regularly, I should also stretch every morning. So, like any good child I took dear mom’s advice. And it worked. By stretching daily I was able to grow taller than all of my siblings, my mother, and my father, even though I am the “runt” of the litter. Sometimes those old wives tales do have merit, especially the ones about stretching apparently.
Sleep: According to slideshare.net, Sleeping my be able to contribute to taller growth based on the affects gravity has on the body. According to their study, being horizontal while at rest prevents gravity from pushing on your spine due to you being horizontal. The change in height wouldn’t be much, maybe an 1/8″, but when trying to do something along the lines of stretching yourself, any progress is good progress.

Regular Exercise:Being active is probably one of the best ways to improve your height. By getting your body moving, it will cause your body to work the most efficiently. Meaning, it will cause your body to perform at the peak of its capabilities. Anything from jumping jacks, to a brisk walk around the block could have positive affects on your height, as well as your health. Your body is like a plant, if you give it all it needs it will grow big, strong, and tall. But if anything that it needs to survive is cut off, or limited, you get a sad, saggy looking plant. Let’s get out there and exercise, and improve our height!

Healthy Eating Habits:There is a reason we were taught about the food pyramid when we were younger. Grains, fruits and vegetables, meats and nuts, dairy, and fats and oils. All of these things are vital to the healthy growth and operation of the body. That is really all height is, your body reaching it maximum potential. Your eating habits can help you with this. Everything from when you eat, what you eat, how much you eat. It all affects your body either positively or negatively. The choice is yours.
At the end of the day, daily discipline is going to determine your overall health, and of course, your families genes play a huge part in height as well. Some people just will not be able to get tall because of how they are built. And that is something that you cannot change.

But for those of that CAN affect our height, even if only slightly, routine, discipline is the easiest way to do that. Daily stretching, getting regular sleep, and regular exercise will get the results you are seeking. Just be patient! It will happen!

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