The ultimate solution for hair loss

hair loss

hair loss

Nioxin refers to a brand of products that are specifically developed to help treat thinning hair as well as slow hair loss. The founder of Nioxin,Eva Graham, started the Nioxin product line of products in 1987 . This was after she experienced thinning hair as a result of child birth. Her intention was to develop a product that could help treat the scalp.

Today, Nioxin is a complete hair care system, comprising a number of several different hair care products, including Nioxin hair loss shampoo.

What is Nioxin Shampoo? 

Nioxin Shampoo is one of three parts of hair treatment products sold together as one complete kit. In total, eight different kits of Nixion shampoo brand are available on the market today. Each one of these kits is tailor made for a specific hair type.

In addition, Nixion Shampoo, also known as Bionutrient cleanser, is the first among the three products in each specific kit. It is meant to be applied to the hair and scalp in order to help reverse hair loss in people with thinning hair.

What are Nioxin Systems?

Nixion Systems refer to the classification of the 8 kits sold under Nioxin brand. The kits are classified into 8 classes, depending on the type of hair and the stage of hair loss.

It is important to note that every specific hair treatment kit has a specific shampoo that is tailor made to treat a specific hair type. The Nioxin systems are meant to help make it easy for users to choose the most ideal products for their hair type.

How does it Nioxin Shampoo fight hair loss?

Nixion shampoo f helps fight hair loss in the following ways:

1. It contains ingredients that promote hair growth

Nixion Shampoos are made from a blend of synthetic and natural hair products that are associated with the ability to stimulate hair growth. It is because of the effects of these ingredients that Nioxin Shampoos are effective in fighting hair loss.

Some of the natural hair loss remedies that are part of the ingredients in Nioxin Shampoos include extracts from the following herbs:





-Yallow, and,

-Balm mint.

-Wheat proteins.

Some of the artificial ingredients include:

-Nioxin complex,


-Lauryl sulfate, and,

– Cocamide DEA.

2. Cleansing the scalp

The shampoo helps provide a deep, effective cleansing of the scalp. It has the ability to remove dirt and dandruff from the scalp, which are responsible for blocking hair poles. In addition, it has the ability to moisturize the scalp, hydrate the hair, and removing excess sebum.

3. Nourishing and strengthening hair follicles

The natural ingredients in Nioxin Shampoo have various different roles when it comes to fighting hair loss. Some of them help nourish the hair follicles, improve circulation to the hair cells; and preserve the strength, appearance, and texture of the hair. Other ingredients help improve cellular metabolism, while some others act as antioxidants, thus protecting hair from getting damaged by free radical, among other roles.

4. Inhibition of DHT 

The herb extracts in Nioxin Shampoo have the ability to inhibit DHT, which is the androgen that is mainly responsible for male pattern baldness. By helping block the synthesis of DHT and therefore reducing its effect on hair follicle cells, these herbs contribute greatly to Nioxin Shampoo’s ability to stimulate hair growth.

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