How to Shorten Your Period – 5 Ways to Reduce Your Period Length

If you constantly experience heavy bleeding when your period comes, you will be feeling under the weather. You will be uncomfortable for a few days and even suffer from an uncontrollable dysmenorrhea. You cannot enjoy your life for a specific length of time every month. This is a serious issue and affects your daily routine, but we can help resolve your problem. We disclose some tips on how to shorten your period temporarily and even for good. Read on.


You can purchase oral contraceptives at a local drugstore. They can be bought without doctor’s prescription. Oral contraceptive pills have female hormones called estrogen and progesterone. These substances can reduce the amount of blood during your period. There are 28 pills that you need to take. The first 21 pills contain the two major substances and the 7 pills left contain placebo. Make sure you take the pill every day at the same time so there wouldn’t be any adverse effects. read more on


Did you notice that obese women have heavier menstrual period than slender ones? Exercising plays a vital role for keeping a healthy pelvis. Having a healthy pelvis helps shorten your period length and reduce painful cramps. Make it a habit to do exercise and be active so you will not suffer a longer period every month. Keep a non-sedentary lifestyle. Do not just sit and lay on bed all day long. One of the reasons that contribute to a longer period is stress. Just so you know, exercising can relieve stress.


Natural herbs, such as raspberry tea, maca root, yarrow, and chaste berry, can shorten your period. These natural herbs can reduce menstrual cramps, treat fertility issues, decrease period length, and keep menstrual flow under control. You can take them in a form of a tea and you will be amazed with its benefits. In fact, these herbal medicines have been around since the ancient times for reducing period length read more on


Believe it or not, orgasms can actually reduce the length of menstrual flow. When you have an orgasm, you will release endorphins. When endorphins are released, your stress will be decreased. And we all know that stress contribute to a long menstrual period. Stress can also cause painful cramps, but it can be treated when you release your inner sexual pleasure with your partner regularly (or when you are in the mood).


Tranexamic acid is a generic medicine used for treating heavy flow and for reducing period length. If you usually have 7 or more days during your period, it will be decreased to 5 or less when you take the medicine. It works by enhancing blood clotting and stopping the menstrual flow. This medicine has to be taken orally thrice a day during periods. While Tranexamic acid is a drug, it does not affect fertility or your hormonal physiology.

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