What is an inversion table?

What is an inversion table? What’s the big deal about it? Inversion tables have many benefits of its use. They are designed for so many reasons to relieve tension in different places of your body. There is a lot, and when I tell you a lot of health benefits coming from a simple inversion table. As your read along this article, you will be able to understand multiple benefits coming from an inversion table that will make you as healthy as you would ever be. It is an alternative treatment you can’t ignore.

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Inversion table therapy is commonly known for treating pain. A good example is that it does help treat common headaches. The inversion table basically helps with headaches because it reduces muscle spasms in your shoulders and neck, which are the source of causing a bad headache. It also relaxes face, skull, and neck muscles. The good thing is too about it is that it increases your circulation and gets your lymphatic system working smoothly. It helps with stress also, which we all need most of the time. Inversion tables also help with pain in many other ways, which involves back pain surgery, herniated disc pain, sciatic nerve pain, cervical spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis pain, scoliosis pain, and so on.. Another bonus of an inversion table is that it helps clear your sinuses. You see, it increases your circulation, which helps supply smoothly to your nasal passages. It supplies it with fully oxygenated blood resulting in keeping your passages moist and working 100xs better. This also means more blood will flow temporarily into your head to help flush out your nasal passages. Since clearing your nasal passages involve the use of the respiratory system means it improves lung function overall and helps make you breather easier.

Inversion tables also help deal with the circulatory system. It improves your circulation by showing your hear that it doesn’t have to work as hard as it usually does. This is because gravity helps pull your blood from the extremities to the heart which then makes it easier to get blood to your brain. Also, the blood pools around the body which then gets flushed out by the reversing ways of gravity. This results in cleaner blood circulating more freely. There is also other good benefits if you need to get your circulation pumping better, which means by letting an inversion table help with your hear function and letting it alleviate varicose veins.

Another great benefit coming from the inversion table is that it helps with your mental health needs… it helps lower stress, which is what we all need after a long day of work! It helps with stress because it helps regulate hormones in your body which is suppose to make us feel good and it also regulates those that cause stress response. It also helps with muscle tension as mentioned before. Muscle tension can be reduced within seconds. A lot of therapists use an inversion table for this reason because it decreases the muscle tension by at least ten seconds. Another win deal that it helps with insomnia. To get more detailed, an inversion table also helps by keeping you alert, helping with mental diagnosis, boosts your creative side, and helps with PMS symptoms. Wow, so many benefits from this!

Honestly, purchasing an inversion table isn’t bad at all. It helps with more problems occurring with your body than you think, not just the ones mentioned. A lot of therapists recommend the usage of it since it affects you more quickly. It is easy to use and comes in very good prices! Get yours today to help make you a healthier you.