How to find the best combat boots ?

Whether suede, leather or made of synthetic materials, your combat boots are going to accompany every single step you take, and these steps, you know it well, must be safe and comfortable. If you are a professional, that is working in the army, a police person, or simply an individual who enjoys combat games or demanding hiking in your free time, before making your final choice of combat boots, make sure they are not going to let you down.

So, what makes a pair of combat boots the best for you? Especially in the case you are in the military or the police, when you are called to get in action, you don’t have the time to change into a different pair of boots. The ones you will be wearing while chasing a criminal or during a military drill in camp, are the same ones you sat taking your breakfast in the camp’s cafeteria very early in the morning. In other words, your profession requires that you wear the same boots in all environments you could possibly come across during your daily routine. Here is the point to make the first important distinction. Policepersons and army people have different needs when it comes to their boots. In the police what you need is light boots with soles that can absorb impact, while at the same time comfort is an attribute you should always care about. Army personnel usually need boots that can withstand significantly greater weight loads, while at the same time, they must be designed in such a way as to offer maximum possible protection and comfort.

On the market today, whether you are with the police or the military, you can find a huge variety of tactical boots that at the same time can be part of a casual outfit. But don’t get tricked by the looks of these boots. Quite often, their compatibility with casual wear, is the result of the lack of certain safety features. Our advice would be this: Pick the boots that have all the following characteristics: interior furnished with memory foam, non-slip soles, and a light weight to facilitate running. Also, remember, that professionals need to wear boots of a certain minimum height. Boots that barely cover the ankles are not secure enough and sprains could be an issue with such short boots. Furthermore, a professional’s boots can be nothing else but waterproof. Actually, I believe, everyone who seriously needs combat boots, must opt for waterproof materials. Don’t even settle with the idea of boots that combine two or three different materials, unless you are sure that all of them are waterproof.

The factors to consider when buying a pair of military boots could not possibly be covered within any review of this kind. However, there a few extra things you should always keep in mind regardless your occupation or the more specific use of the boots you have in mind. One of these, of course, is your foot size. This goes for all types of shoes. While choosing your boots according to size and best fit for you, don’t forget to ask yourself: Am I going to be wearing thick socks with them? If you are, then you might need to consider buying boots that are somewhat bigger in size.

In conclusion, durability, comfort and personal needs, coupled with your budget will most certainly get you to the right boots. The variety on the market is really big and there are boots just right for everyone.

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