Are Tonsil Stones Contagious ?

Tonsil stones are also commonly referred to as tonsillolithis. At birth, the tonsils are characterized by pits known as tonsil crypts. A few months after birth, the crypts usually shrink off. However, for some people this is not the case. Such people happen to be the most predisposed to tonsil stones.
But what are tonsil stones? These are usually caused by a buildup of various substances mainly food debris and bacteria in the tonsil crypts eventually hardening and calcifying. It causes severely bad breath The calcifying can also be propagated by a wide range of microorganisms that includes bacteria and virus. One of the most common viruses associated with tonsil stones is the human papilloma virus.

There is a very low probability of spreading tonsil stones by direct contact. This mainly is because the stones are deep seated in the throat so the chances of having a direct contact are greatly decreased. However, the microorganisms can be transferred from one person to another and it may result in an infection. In this article we will discuss comprehensively how the germs from the tonsil stones can be spread from an infected person to a healthy person.
a. Utensils such as spoons and folks can easily come into contact with the tonsil stones. If you share utensils with a person who has tonsil stones then you also are at risk of acquiring the disease. It is important therefore that you thoroughly wash the utensils before using them
b. Coughing and sneezing may also result in spread of the infection. These is because the bacteria at the throat are expelled. If someone who has tonsil stones coughs or sneezes on you, remember to immediately wash your face and hands to get rid of the bacteria.
c. Deep kissing has also been cited by experts as a way of spreading the diseases. This is because you come in contact with the saliva of the infected person. The human papilloma virus. which may also cause tonsil stones is spread via kissing.

For an immunocompetent person, the body is always able to ward off the microorganisms that are spread through the above methods. However, for an immunocompromised person, they are likely to develop an infection.
Tonsil stones are not mainly spread, they are usually acquired due to poor oral hygiene. Therefore it is important that you brush and floss your teeth at least twice daily.

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