Best above ground pools for 2018

So, let’s say you’ve come trought the deciding part. You are determined to buy that above ground pool so you can spend some great time during summers, right in your yard. Since an in-ground swimming pool is not the best solution for you, here you are, wondering which above ground type will suit you best. Well , let’s see.

You should pay attention to many performances when buying item like this. There are many different types, sizes, prices, safety and durability levels and so on. Most of the people prefer to buy brended products, which is completely reasonable, since brended pools, though they are usually more expensive, offer you security of finding parts you search for when having issues with the pool. You can easily find accessories like filters or heaters and also the right help and assistance when needed. So, let’s take a look at those things you should pay attention to. First, the shape. The above ground pools usually come in oval, circle, rectangle and square shape. It is completely on you which type you will choose. If your main goal is to have fun with it, the pool shape is not important. Next, the size. Before buying one, you should think about the people number you intend to let inside it. Small pools are best solutions for families. Big pools are reserved for party animals. About the structure, most pools are equipped with PVC or soft vinyl walls, that are sometimes supported by the steel bars, which will hold the water efficiently. And the last not least, security. Question becomes more important when having kids around. Most of the above ground pools are completely secure, so the only thing you should do to prevent any danger is to keep an eye on your children when they are in it.
The above ground pools are becoming very popular lately, owing this to their price and mobility advantages comparing to the in-ground ones. Because of variety, it’s sometimes hard to choose the best solution. Here we are going to present the best five above ground pools for the 2018:
5. Intex 18ft 48in Easy Set Pool
Ideal for first time buyers with limited spaces or budget. It is considered maybe the best inflatable above ground pools today. It contains a Krystal’s Clear Cartrige Filter Pump which filters 1500 gallons per hour. The pump lasts about 3 months and can be removed easily. Being very easy to set up, it will be ready for filling in 30 minutes.
4. Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool
Having size of 12 feet and 30 inches, it is ideal if you’re looking for a bigger pool. It comes with RP600 pump with GRCI. An easy replacing filter cartrige is also in the package.
3. Summer Waves 10 Ft. Quick Set
Ideal for short families. With 10ft diameter, it can accommodate 3-4 persons. It has capacity of 1,052 gallons, coming with a pool filter pump that can make it ready within minutess.
2. Steel Pro 12′ x 30” Frame Pool Set
Ranked second in the best above ground pools, this one is durable and can last for a long time. It has capacity of 1,710 gallons of water, with a 330-gallon filter pump in the package. It can accomodate a family of 6 persons.
1. Intex 15ft 48in Metal Frame Pool
Ideal for parties and family celebrations. It offers great durability and stability and can be set up in just 45 minutes. The package includes ladder and a DVD which can help you using the pool. Ready to buy your brand new above ground pool and have some fun?