5 tips for new time puppy owners

From their wagging tails to their floppy ears and their wiggling tongues, it’s obvious why puppies are adored worldwide. Regardless of their cuteness, however, it must be remembered that puppies are a huge responsibility as they require love and care just like a newborn baby does. This being said, as much as it can be hard and confusing for new time parents regarding the safety and well being of their baby, it is equally as hard and confusing for new puppies owners regarding the safety and well being of their puppy. Therefore, here are 5 tips for new time puppies owners.

Make sure that you are feeding your puppy correctly

Puppies, just like newborn babies, require specialized feeding that is a bit different than their adult counterparts. To start off, puppies are very playful and active so they are using a lot of their energy and therefore require a lot of food in order to gain this energy. However, puppies are also very small and so they can’t consume large amounts of food. The solution to this is to feed your puppy often and regularly with the correct formula of food. It is recommended that you feed your puppy two to three times a day.

This depends also on the particular breed of your puppy as different breeds require different accommodations. In addition, you should feed your puppy a specified puppy formula of dog food. This is because puppy formula dog food has densely packed nutrients to match a puppies small stomach yet high activity level. You will want to make sure that the brand of dog food that you choose to feed your puppy has wholesome and natural ingredients. As a final note, some puppies have the tendency to devour their food at an alarmingly fast pace which could cause stomach upsets, washroom difficulties and other health issues. If you find this to be the case with your puppy then it is recommended that you put a large object in the puppy’s food bowl so that the puppy will have to take their time to eat around this object.

Make sure that you give your puppy enough water.

Water for consumption purposes is a key element for any living thing to grow up happy and healthy. If you have a new puppy, you should start introducing it to water in three weeks.  Again, a puppy’s water requirements will depend on their breed as different breeds require different accommodations. Yet, as a general rule of thumb, a puppy should consume 1/2 a cup of cool water every 2 hours and an additional 1/4 cup every 2 hours if he or she has been additionally active or has been in hot weather for a long period of time. You can easily check your puppies hydration level by making sure that their pee is not too foggy or diluted and that their nose has just the right amount of moisture and have qzz in your life.

Your puppies health

Taking your puppy to the vet for regular checkups is just like taking a baby for regular check-ups to the pediatrician. It’s recommended that you take your puppy to the vet as soon as you get them as there are many shots that a puppy needs in order for them to be protected from illnesses and pests such as worms and ticks. This is true for all dogs but especially for puppies as they have an underdeveloped immune system that needs to be fortified. A veterinarian is also a good way to get information on how to care for your puppy in all stages of their development.

Your puppies activity level

Puppies are very playful which is part of why they are so loved. Puppies are active by nature and will need to have regular amounts of playtime each day. However, you can’t leave a puppy to acquire this playtime to themselves as they are curious and are likely to get into trouble such as going somewhere or playing with something that could harm them. Therefore you should always monitor your puppy during play time. You can keep your puppy active in many ways such as going for a walk, teaching them a trick, letting them run around in an enclosure, playing with them and their toys and so much more.

Give them some love

With all the worries surrounding a puppies health, it can be common for new puppies owners to be a little too strict. The solution for this is simple. Show your puppy some love! Take time out of your busy schedule to bond with your puppy. This can be done by hugging them lightly, giving them praise on good behaviours, petting them, giving them the occasional treat or toy and so much more. The bond between a puppy and its owner is crucial for your puppies happiness and yours.


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